Author: Kristina Shea, founder of BlueSkys Life

The birds are chirping, the skies are blue... Spring has arrived!

Many of us have not been living well under lockdowns... isolation, depression, grief of jobs and loves ones, moodiness, not eating well, Netflix marathons on the couch and not exercising consistently are just to name a few...

Yes, the pandemic has definitely been devastating — however reframing your perspective will help you spring forward. Spring showers and flowers are here. Rainy days then lead to sunny days...

There is nothing like joyful springtime walks outside after being cooped up all winter inside... seeing the buds on trees and the tulips peeping out of the underground about to bloom.

Then it dawned on me. We have been in underground with lockdown, just as the tulips have been beneath the ground, isolated in hibernation... We now have the opportunity to rise, grow and bloom.

Some tips to spring forward for self-renewal (which I will be doing these myself!)


Get Clean

This is SO very cathartic. Decluttering and creates emotional space in your home AND your mind.

  • However, instead of adding these to landfills, donate your items to charities, shelters or even put on online marketplaces such as Kiji or FB marketplaces. 
  • Some of the pieces you have been holding on to may hold emotional baggage (gifts from ex boyfriends etc).
  • Freeing your mind and personal space will help enable you find new positive experiences, relationships and feelings.


Get Healthy

Healthy is the new beautiful. I am not talking shredded bikini bods (and yes, being fit is important)... However It is about being healthy inside and out, physically and emotionally. Spring is the perfect time to reinvigorate your health, with what you eat and your exercise routine.
    • Being well, is more about making “healthy” a way of life. During the winter, we often have indulged in comfort foods, which are often not healthy and carb-filled. With the pandemic, many of us "comforted" ourselves with starch and carb heavy food and overusing alcohol. (Hey, anyone who knows me, yes I love my wine too, but it is all about moderation)
    • Try eating fresh whole plant foods, vegetables, fruits as a stable and reduce your intake of meat, and processed foods.  As for exercise, plan a realistic routine that you can achieve.
    • Try biking & walking instead of driving, taking stairs instead of the elevator and incorporating a time each day that you dedicate to physical activity whether it is even dancing in your living room – you must enjoy it to make it happen!


    Find Your Creative Spark

      Everyone has a creative spark within them that is waiting to be ignited, or sometimes reignited. Sometimes our lives get so busy we forget to enjoy the things we love.

      • Try painting or sketching on a beautiful day in a park or on a beach
      • Try your hand at writing, from journaling, blogging to writing a full blown book, some great tips on Masterclass.
      • Pick up an instrument, whether new or old. Could be the ukulele is calling you with tropical tunes — or the piano you have not played in years! There are many online courses and apps that you can try such as Yousician.
      • Events whether online or in person, a great way to tap into many facets of your creativity — and a great way to connect with others in your community or even your friends you have not seen in a while!
      • Cooking, from easy smoothie concoctions to themed dinners or if you simply wish to try to transform your cooking to suit your health goals! Try our new BlueSkys Life™ cooking classes on Youtube this summer!
      • Dance! Dance like no one is watching... it feeds your soul, acts as creative therapy as well as great exercise (and doesn't feel like it!) Try something new perhaps like Bellydancing, try one of my favourite studios – BellyUp! There are great courses online or in person for so many dance styles or make up your own and let the music move you!


      Get Connected!

      Reconnect with supportive friends and family who motivate, inspire and uplift you.

      • Ask a friend to connect for a social distanced walk in nature!
      • Zoom, yes we are all maybe exhausted of digital conferencing but can be a fun way to connect with a group of friends that are spread across the country and catch up!
      • As with cleaning house, it may be time to edit your friend list. Just as you would be careful of toxic products, be sure your friends are non-toxic as well.
        • Only surround yourself with friends that are supportive, lift your spirit and there to help you be your best self!


          Open your door of opportunities with a healthy dose of FRESH SPRING AIR, and reinvigorate, renew and reconnect with YOURSELF for an amazing season of personal growth. The sky is not the limit...


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