Author: Kristina Shea, founder of BlueSkys Life


August brings us more than halfway into the summer season (at least in Canada...)

Flowers are in full bloom, the beaches are open, the summer breeze blowing upon your face — and the sun is shining through Blue Skys!

Summer brings so many thoughts and emotions from warmth, contentment and memories made and yet to be made.  With lockdown, we are exploring our own local communities and beaches with a sense of wander...

Personally, I love the time to reflect and take the time to just BE, whether on the beach looking up at the Blue Sky or in my backyard garden oasis with the summer flowers.

This past year and in particular this summer, I have been enlightened how "self-love" is essential — and not just a fluffy phrase. Taking the time for your mind to wander, to dip your toes in the wet sand, feel the sun on my body (with an SPF 30!) while making myself a priority — nurturing my mindset and my physical self-care.


This summer I have been building my WELLTH...


My Personal Wellthy Self-Love Summer Tips



Mulberry Silk Butterfly Kimono

Shea Body Butter Collection by BlueSkys Life



Ten Oil Natural Hair Repair and Reconstructor

Summer Detoxing

Coconut Smoothie Bowls, Bamboo Cups, Bamboo Straws


Beauty Sleep + Self-Love Incantations 

Blue Lotus Tea Dream Tea



Summer is a perfect time to embrace and reclaim SELF-LOVE for your mind, body + soul... 

Summer-Time Self-Love.


Love + Light

Kristina Shea
Founder, BlueSkys Life
Making HerStory



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