Author: Kristina Shea, founder of BlueSkys Life


“The pandemic has changed the world — lives changed forever from loss of jobs to loss of loved ones. It has been a catalyst for so many to reflect – and an opportunity to reset their lives. More than ever, many have come to realize life is short and time is precious.”

For myself, after many years of being in corporate overdrive, feeling lack of fulfillment and then eventual burn-out, I knew I needed to shift. I have been widowed twice and so I very much understand that life is indeed short and can be ended with no warning. I was also diagnosed with a brain cyst that caused debilitating migraines among other symptoms. And a single mother raising a young daughter. 

After being so very sick, living in pain, experiencing loss, literally working myself to death over the years — and experiencing the pandemic, I knew I had to retransform and reinvent how I live — as a way of life. Before the pandemic, I began practicing yoga, mindful meditation, and eating well (I am human, and yes — I still indulge in a bag of chips watching Netflix and I do love a good glass of wine!). However, my career just before the pandemic was causing my health to again fail with the demanding hours, lack of sleep and I was falling into my old patterns.

I realized that after being laid off during the pandemic I needed to again refocus my direction and live with meaning — with purpose. I have always been active in fundraising and standing for social causes, gender equity, however I wanted to bring this into my daily life, personally and business. To live well with mindful intention.

During challenging times, I had always looked to the blue sky to provide me that uplifting motivation to keep going — and that everything was going to be OK, even when the storm clouds were rolling in. For without the storms clouds, one cannot truly experience the joy of blue skies. During the pandemic, one most definitely saw the blue skies as there was little traffic on the roads here in the Toronto area in Canada and the planet started to momentarily heal. The smog lifted and the blue skies revealed themselves.

This how Blue Skys Life was born. 

Often, I am told by people that our company name is spelt incorrectly. I share that BlueSkys Life was intentionally spelt with a “Y” as it is all about your “Y”. Your passions, your purpose here on this planet, and how you live your life.

BlueSkys Life stands for sustainability for the planet. Mindful natural products.  Ethical trade. Transparency and Truth. Gender equity for women — and those who identify as women and who are gender fluid. We stand for optimism with an agenda to make a difference and to inspire people to BE the change, one small step at at time.

If we all work towards purpose-led living, this will bring us much closer to each other and the planet — with kindness, empathy and love. Here at BlueSkys Life we look forward to sharing our purposeful journey with you...

I would love for you to share your “Y” with us and the world...


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