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In this exciting episode of the Holistic Wealth podcast with Keisha Blair, our special guest is Kristina Shea, Founder of BlueSkysLife. Kristina overcame corporate burnout, was widowed twice, suffered from financial and personal losses, including chronic illness to create her company BlueSkysLife. Kristina was diagnosed with a brain cyst; experiencing vision loss and debilitating migraines. She began to incorporate holistic wellness into her daily life which provided her hope for quality of life.

With this personal experience, Kristina has started a wellness company BlueSkys Life™, which she describes as a true passion project. The company, focused on women’s holistic natural health & wellness with sustainability and inclusivity being key to the BlueSkys Life™ brand mantra. Kristina is passionate about driving positive change for women socially and professionally. 

In conjunction with BlueSkys Life™, Kristina is launching a content platform Making HerStory™. Kristina feels everyone has a story of resilience and is creating a supportive space for those to share. women to Make HerStory™. Listen in to this exciting episode with special guest Kristina Shea in conversation with Kristina Shea.

You can visit the Keisha Blair’s page here to for a breakdown of Kristina’s story.


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