Small Batch Raw Honey

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Perfect gift size jar.

Our collection of honey is raw, unfiltered, and not heated — just PURE honey as the bees make it. Our honey collections are always in small batches throughout the year so the taste, colour, and texture will vary according to where and when it was produced.

Our honey comes from hives that are managed according to organic standards.

Perfect for pairing this with our Blue Lotus Dreams Tea!

  • Medium sweetness
  • Ontario No. 1 Grade honey, 100% — Ontario produced and packaged honey
  • 130g
Bee philosophy
  • BlueSkys Life and our local beekeepers put the needs of the bees first, with the understanding that maintaining healthy, thriving colonies is in the best interests of both the bees and the beekeeper.
  • Bee colonies are managed without the use of antibiotics or synthetic miticides, and they select for gentle, disease-resistant and hygienic stock.
  • We make sure our honey never gets hotter than it would in a beehive to preserve its flavour and medicinal value.
How to use
  • Honey will never spoil when stored in an airtight container.
  • Over time honey will crystallize (harden) but it remains safe to eat.
  • Adding energy in the form of heat will liquefy crystallized honey. It is best to warm it gently to preserve the flavours and beneficial enzymes in honey. We suggest putting the jar in a hot water bath until fully liquefied or leaving it in the oven with just the oven light on (do not turn on the element).


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