FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Burlington, July 7, 2021)  Burlington’s KRISTINA SHEA In Running For High Profile Women Of Inspiration 2021 Award From Universal Women’s Network

Burlington-based power woman KRISTINA SHEA, who founded BlueSkys Life™, a sustainable lifestyle wellness company during Covid — and who has been receiving global attention for her work, is a 2021 WOMEN OF INSPIRATION Nominee.  (Two high profile Hamilton area women were among the 2020 winners).  Women of Inspiration™  Awards “recognizes the achievements of women making an impact locally, nationally, and globally!”

Shea, an emerging leader in the Canadian wellness space, is savvy, smart, and spirited. With a strong business background as a senior marketing executive, anyone who knows her will agree she is heart-centred too — and these days she has stepped out on her own into the entrepreneur space as the founder of BlueSkys Life™, a modern, inclusive and holistic wellness brand. Kristina is particularly focused on women’s wellness and education — including an important cannabis component, in keeping with the all-natural element.

Kristina has a diverse and impressive background from working in corporate America, to teaching dance and body acceptance. Kristina is well known for speaking on women’s leadership, entrepreneurship, empowerment, resilience as well as health and wellness. Additionally, she regularly donates her time and talents to make things better for others. Kristina volunteers for Zonta®, an international organization that advocates for the rights of women and young girls around the globe for equality, education, to end child marriage and gender-based violence.

What WOMEN OF INSPIRATION says about Kristina :
“Kristina Shea lived her whole life in the corporate world, and while she has been very successful, it was not an easy path. The single mother of a daughter attending university, Shea was twice widowed, dealt with excruciating health issues that led to her literally collapsing in Toronto’s financial district one day. In spite of all her challenges, Kristina never has been one to crumble. When asked what got her through it all, she smiles and says “It’s a BlueSkys Life…” And she means it so much she named her new business endeavor and passion project after it. She shares what she learned about change, challenges, resilience, and coming out on top with others who need that message, now more than ever. ”  

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What KRISTINA says about the WOMEN OF INSPIRATION 2020 Nomination and what it means to her:

“Really when I think about it, I feel like it doesn’t have as much to do with me so much as celebrating women as a whole.  I really do feel like it is a responsibility for anybody who is nominated for any kind of award to continue to elevate and support each other. I believe in collaboration versus competition and that no matter where you are in your life — you always have the ability to spread kindness and compassion.  You don’t have to have a fancy title or a lot of money to do this.  As women, we are so much stronger together to deal with all the challenges life throws at us — and there are always challenges.  Inspiration creates action, growth, it's contagious — and that is what the woman of inspiration award, the feeling of it, means to me!”

Watch the video where Kristina says what the Women of Inspiration nomination means to her.

MORE ABOUT WOMEN OF INSPIRATION : The Universal Womens Network™ is a global platform committed to gender equality by raising the bar to advance women in their networks, communities, and workplaces. WOI connects, celebrate and recognize women along with men who SupportHER™ to empower women to succeed personally and professionally. The WOI awards are sponsored by PostMedia.  Visit


Kristina in the news :

Kristina Shea is available for media interviews.  


Tracy Lamourie 

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