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Kristina Shea, an emerging leader in the Canadian wellness space, is savvy, smart, and spirited. With a strong business background as a senior marketing executive, anyone who knows her will agree she is heart centred, too....and these days she has stepped out on her own into the entrepreneur space as  the founder of BlueSkys Life, a modern, inclusive and holistic wellness brand.

Kristina is particularly focused on women’s wellness and education, speaking internationally on women’s leadership, entrepreneurship, and marketing as well as on wellness — including an important cannabis component, in keeping with the all natural element of her wellness brand. Additionally, she regularly donates her time and talents to make things better for others, in particular driving positive change for women socially and professionally.

Today well known for speaking on women’s leadership and entrepreneurship as well as wellness and health has a diverse and impressive background, reflecting her wide and varied interests.  Shea has been successful in everything she has touched — from teaching fitness and dance in the studio to her high level corporate roles in the boardroom.  

Her professional career history — a truly eclectic one — gives her vast experience to draw on. From working and consulting for Fortune 500 Companies, including top banks and insurance corporations, regulatory bodies such as the Ontario Securities Commission, IIROC, cannabis and public companies, not-for-profit organizations such as The Lung Association, and recently served as the SVP of a public life science company. Kristina also holds a PMP designation from the PMI Institute as a Project Manager Professional.  And that’s not all — she is a whiz when it comes to branding — a result of her work across the industry spanning everything from graphic design to her work leading marketing and communication departments which led to her founding of K Vision Marketing and Communications.  
K Vision builds marketing strategies and helps brands to stand out to be seen and heard — with a focus on women’s brands and cannabis marketing. Kristina is an expert at building an integrated marketing approach to deliver stories that will resonate with audiences to deliver business results for the client.

In addition to her life in the corporate world and marketing, she has given of her time to make things better for others, hoping to inspire change.  Kristina is passionate about driving positive change for women socially and professionally. In conjunction with “BlueSkys Life™”, Kristina is launching a content platform “Making HerStory™”.  Kristina feels everyone has a story of resilience and is creating a supportive space for those to share. Kristina has her own story — she has been widowed twice, experienced personal and financial loss, and raised her young daughter as a single mother. Kristina will be interviewing women from all walks of life to share their personal stories to elevate, inspire and connect other women to collaborate professionally and personally to be their best. Kristina’s mission is cultivate a “BlueSkys Life” for women and empower women to “Make HerStory™”.  

In the same vein, she has led women’s empowerment workshops, organized fundraising events for women’s shelters, spoken on panels., and been the guest on podcasts in this regard, sharing both her personal and professional stories.  After a life-long career in corporate America, she experienced personal health challenges. Kristina was diagnosed with a brain cyst; experiencing vision loss and debilitating migraines. Through a friend, Kristina discovered cannabis as a way to reduce her use of painkillers. She also began to incorporate holistic wellness into her daily life which provided her hope for quality of life.

When asked to put her story into context, she said : “My backstory is a bit of a rollercoaster ride, a lot of ups and downs — many of my friends have told me I should have my own Netflix series. I hustled from the age of 21, in the marketing and design industry for years employed by other companies and for my own business K Vision, consulting for Fortune 500 companies including banks and insurance companies. So much so that an average night of sleep was about 3 hours. I was doing this as a single mom, raising a young daughter, going to school and teaching fitness and dance.

The additional backstory here is that I was widowed (not once but twice) I learned to become tough and not show my vulnerabilities, and I kept my emotions bottled up. I was trying to DO, ACHIEVE, raise my daughter, and have it all. Be that super mom, have a career, excel and climb that corporate ladder. I wanted to provide stability and financial security for my daughter and myself.   In pursuit of this, I was pushing myself beyond the norm mentally and physically — one day I collapsed in the Financial District food court. I was rushed to the hospital, after cat scans, and an MRI I was diagnosed with a brain cyst that was putting pressure on my brain. I had been suffering from debilitating migraines for years. Pain had become my normal. I was then on every kind of pain killer, as I had opted to not have surgery.

This was obviously not a picture of wellness, I was irritable and although very high functioning at work, I was not always pleasant to my loved ones at home, being exhausted and in constant pain. I was introduced to cannabis from a girlfriend who encouraged me to try medical cannabis for pain. I vehemently said NO, I do NOT use drugs…” I said. My girlfriend said you most definitely DO USE DRUGS, look at your bedside table of pharma! She had a point. I discovered micro-dosing, and using cannabis and CBD in different formats, different chemical profiles — this was helping ease my pain and reduced my need for painkillers.
I started seeing my health as not just a state within my physical body — but as a state of mind and way of living holistically. I also learned to eat healthier, I took up hot yoga, boxing and learned to meditate (which I am still learning, as my mind is always going fast!).

In addition to using cannabis medicine for pain, she says she discovered it truly helped in an area where she had lifelong challenges — was skin care.

“I have CRAZY sensitive skin, and I suffered from frequent outbreaks from rashes, to ugly acne (even in my 40s) and constant eczema outbreaks. I have tried multiple traditional products that would either worsen my acne, redness or I would get yet again another rash on my face.. I was afraid to put anything on my skin…. I then started mixing CBD into my own natural botanical face-cream.  I saw an immediate impact. Reducing my redness, acne and eczema is now completely vanished. I also love using it around my eyes to reduce puffiness from pulling long days and nights at my laptop on Zoom calls or virtual meetings. I now constantly receive compliments on my skin (with no Instagram filters!) — and I just turned 48 this fall!”

“CBD (cannabidiol) has some amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits!”  she says enthusiastically.  Then she cautions, “Be sure to read labels and look for products that mention "cannabidiol", "hemp extract", "broad-spectrum CBD", "full-spectrum CBD, also know the quantity of CBD in the product — some may only have traces. You want to ensure you are paying for active CBD and not filler. Many products have been found to be mislabeled so do look for products that are lab-tested by third party.  Find the right source, then calm and beautify your skin with CBD, and you can have fun by infusing at home with other botanicals, to find the right mix for you. I love being hands on and formulating in my kitchen!”

 With this personal experience, Kristina is starting up a wellness company “BlueSkys Life™”, which she describes as a true passion project.  The company. focused on women’s holistic natural health & wellness with sustainability and inclusivity being key to the BlueSkys Life™ brand mantra.  

“During COVID, I was laid off,” she said - an experience common to many across North America.  Kristina took it as a positive.  “. It was a forced opportunity for me to reset and rebalance. I had been working — again insane hours including many weekends, all nighters and not having any time for myself. I realized I did not want to go back to the “old normal” I was not living the life I had envisioned. I had always recognized that the “corporate overdrive” was always a recipe for disaster, however I was addicted to the rapid pace. Stress is the cause for most disease and I needed to slow down.

I had always said that I would “sleep when I die.”  I quickly realized I was going “to die if I did not sleep”.  

As a woman, I recognized there were huge gaps in addressing wellness for women. From wellness products catering to specific women’s needs, to education and conversations tailored to women — to simply empowering women to live well. During my health and personal journey, I always looked to the blue sky for hope, optimism and to not give up. During covid, with the lack of cars commuting, pollution faded away — you really did SEE the blue sky!  BlueSkys Life™ was born.”

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