FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA, October 19, 2021 — Burlington-based Kristina Shea, Founder of BlueSkys Life™, Sponsors POWER WOMAN SOAR in New York City Fashion Show, Pink Carpet Affair to Help in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

POWER WOMEN SOAR, Powerful Women in Business, celebrates women with purpose for Breast Cancer Awareness month, Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, in New York City.

Power Woman Soar

Among the NYC businesswomen being celebrated are Dr. Natalya Fazylova of Rebalance, Dr. Michelle Zwrifer, Ouanda Francis, Candidate for Mayor of New York and Amilya Antonetti of Genius Key. 

If anyone in Burlington deserves the sobriquet “Power Woman,” it’s Kristina Shea. Those who have read her bio are surprised at the devastating things she has survived (widowed twice, a single mom working long hours in the corporate world, she dealt with excruciating health issues that led to her literally collapsing in Toronto’s financial district one day, and then dealt with the stress of job loss as a senior executive during covid. She determined that none of this would crush her — which led to her vision of a positive future she could create — which inspired the name of her company, BlueSkys Life™.

Earlier this month it was announced that Kristina is a finalist in the Universal Women’s Network’s 2021 WOMEN OF INSPIRATION awards. She also revealed her latest project. Kristina recently founded a brand new line BlueSkys Beauty™ — eco-luxe clean skincare products powered with CBD and other natural ingredients soon to be available in the United States. Her clean skincare line will be featured in an upcoming segment on Good Morning America.

And this week our local Burlington businesswoman, Kristina Shea joins power women stateside when she returns to New York City a one of the sponsors for “POWER WOMEN SOAR, Powerful Women in Business to Help Fight Breast Cancer!’

Kristina, the founder of BlueSkys Life, a sustainable wellness and lifestyle company founded during Covid 19, is walking the runway, modelling with other inspiring businesswomen for the fashion show in the upcoming event organized by the Power Women Soar team — Dr. Natalya Fazylova of ReBalance, Virgilia Virjoghe of VV Global Partners and Clubhouse personality Renée Knorr of Global Women Wealth Warriors. Renée is renowned for curating “unforgettable experiences” combining “fashion, fitness and finance.”

The coming event, to be held October 23, will be the second time that this Burlington woman Kristina Shea, takes the stage at a prestigious fashion event in The Big Apple. Kristina is as well known for her style as she is for her considerable business acumen — no one who knows her is very surprised that she’s finding herself on an NYC fashion show stage — again.

Kristina, who met one of the organizers and Clubhouse celebrity Renée Knorr when she visited New York City earlier this year, talks about what brought her to the event, and then to the fashion show stage.

“During the pandemic, so many women connected globally with each other on social platforms such as Clubhouse. We shared, we cried, we poured into each other, and we elevated each other. I connected with so many global women who are creating impact — including Virgilia Virjoghe, Dr Natalya Fazylova of Rebalance and the stunning Renée Knorr from Global Women Wealth Warriors. Renée brought businesswomen together in NYC for an epic rooftop fashion show for the celebrated Glenn Lundy and the Breakfast of Champions, Rise & Grind Show and BOC conference. The conference and fashion show literally raised the roof and created vibrations of positivity and hope during challenging times. So, when Renée invited me to participate in this event, my immediate answer was “YES!”.

And now, they’re doing it again — for an extremely important cause.

“When women come together and unite great things happen,” Kristina says. We have the power to lift each other up — support each other with hope and strength to action change. We all know a woman touched by breast cancer if not personally — mothers, sisters, friends and women in our global communities. POWER WOMEN SOAR is bringing powerful businesswomen who are making IMPACT together in NYC.

I am very humbled to have myself and BlueSkys Life™ invited to this exclusive event as a sponsor — to help bring women together to fight breast cancer. This amazing event will be celebrating the power of women and helping women feel beautiful inside and out — which are core values to myself and BlueSkys Life™. I am so looking forward to being with great women in NYC to make great things happen.” said Kristina Shea

In addition to sponsoring the event and her role in the fashion show — Kristina will be giving an insider preview of her brand new eco-luxe CBD skincare line, BlueSkys Beauty™ donating  clean beauty and lifestyle products for raffle tickets to further support the cause. 

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