Burlington, Canada - Kristina Shea has lived her whole life in the corporate world, and while she has been very successful, it was not an easy path. The single mother of a daughter attending university, Shea was twice widowed, dealt with excruciating health issues that led to her literally collapsing in Toronto’s financial district one day.  If that was one sign she needed to find her own path, losing her corporate position during covid was certainly another. In spite of all her challenges, Kristina never has been one to crumble, and she never would give up.  When asked what got her through it all, she smiles and says “It’s a BlueSkys Life…”

And she means it so much she named her new business endeavor and passion project after it. She hopes to share what she has learned about change,  challenges, resilience, and coming out on top with others who need that message, now more than ever. In a recent statement announcing the launch of the new brand, Kristina said :

“I am so excited to share my passion project BlueSkys Life™, an inclusive modern and Holistic lifestyle wellness brand, designed to help you live well full circle.  However, BlueSkys Life is more than a brand — it is a way of life. Personally, I have always looked to the BlueSkys for hope and inspiration during my health + life challenges. After years of health issues and corporate burnout, I began my wellness journey.

We are a PURPOSE-LED brand and social enterprise — we believe in natural, non-toxic products, sustainability, and ethical socially conscious trade. I have carefully curated and handpicked my favourite beautiful + mindful product collections to share with you — for MIND, BODY + HOME.

This is only the beginning for BlueSkys Life, we will be not only adding beautiful, natural, mindful products — but also, education on how to live YOUR BlueSkys Life™. 

During challenging times, I had always looked to the blue sky to provide me with that uplifting motivation to keep going — and that everything was going to be OK, even when the storm clouds were rolling in. For without the storm clouds, one cannot truly experience the joy of blue skies.

During the pandemic, one most definitely saw the blue skies as there was little traffic on the roads here in the Toronto area in Canada and the planet started to momentarily heal. The smog lifted and the blue skies revealed themselves. This is how BlueSkys Life was born.

Often, I am told by people that our company name is spelt incorrectly. I share that BlueSkys Life was intentionally spelt with a “Y” as it is all about your “Y”. Your passions, your purpose here on this planet, and how you live your life. We stand for optimism with an agenda to make a difference and to inspire people to BE the change, one small step at a time. If we all work towards purpose-led living, this will bring us much closer to each other and the planet — with kindness, empathy and love.”

April 6th, the date of the BlueSkys Life launch, holds a special meaning for Kristina too. The anniversary of a sad day, when she lost her first husband John, today she turns that into a symbol of rebirth.

Shea, who holds a Science of Cannabis diploma from McMaster University, has spoken on international panels throughout Canada and in the Caribbean helping to educate doctors and researchers on plant medicine says that she also intends to incorporate cannabis education (primarily aimed at women) into the brand.

“Ultimately, we are a wellness brand, and cannabis has been a huge part of my healing through my health issues throughout my wellness journey. BlueSkys Life is a lifestyle which encompasses non-toxic and natural plant-based products — of which I personally qualify cannabis as a botanical and adaptogen — that can help with overall wellness, balance and quality of life.”

BlueSkys Life stands for:

  • Mindful natural non-toxic products.
  • Sustainability.
  • Ethical Trade.
  • Gender equity for women, including all who identify as women, and who are gender fluid.
  • Transparency and Truth.

BlueSkys Life products range from natural skincare, teas, culinary specialities, timeless organic silk kimonos to a high-end collection of Shea butters… the BlueSkys Life community celebrates self-care and wellness naturally. 
Be a part of it.  Find out more at :
Instagram @blueskyslife
Facebook @blueskyslife

More about Kristina Shea :

Today well known for speaking on women’s leadership and entrepreneurship as well as wellness and health has a diverse and impressive  background, reflecting her wide and social cause interests. Shea has been successful in everything she has touched — from teaching fitness and dance in the studio to her high- level corporate roles in the boardroom. Her professional career history — a truly eclectic one — gives her vast experience to draw on. From working and consulting for Fortune 500 Companies, including top banks and insurance corporations, regulatory bodies such as the Ontario Securities Commission, IIROC, cannabis and public companies, not-for-profit organizations. In addition to her life in the corporate world she has given of her time to make things better for others, hoping to inspire change. Kristina is passionate about driving positive change for women socially and professionally. In conjunction with “BlueSkys Life™”, Kristina is launching a content platform  “Making HerStory™”. Kristina feels everyone has a story of resilience and is  creating a supportive space for those to share. Kristina has her own story — she has been widowed twice, experienced personal and financial loss, diagnosed with a brain cyst experiencing debilitating symptoms while raising her young daughter as a single mother. Kristina will be interviewing women from all walks of life to share their personal stories to elevate, inspire and connect other women to collaborate professionally and personally to be their best. Kristina’s mission is to cultivate a “BlueSkys Life” for women and empower women to “Make HerStory™”. 

Kristina is available for media interviews on the topics of resilience, rising above, change, cannabis as it relates to women’s health and more.

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